What wrist do men’s watches go on?

what wrist do men's watches go on

What wrist do men’s watches go on?

What wrist do men’s watches go on? This is a very common question that we get asked here at Boston and Stewill! So it’s one that we are going to answer for you now in this blog post. Although most men wear watches on their left wrist, some wear it on the right. You might have heard that men should wear their watches on the left wrist, while women should wear them on the right. But is this correct?

The historical explanation

There is a logical and practical explanation for why most men wear watches on their left wrist. We’ll come to that in a second. But there is also an historical reason as well. We’re going to cover that side of things now.

It’s because men used pocket watches up until the early years of 20th century. Only women used wristwatches during these early years. Pocket watches became very popular with men during wars, This was because they were useful for things such as coordinating military activities.

However, these watches were very large for today’s standards. They were carried by officers in custom leather pouches that were strapped onto their wrists.. This was required because watches of the time had huge balancing wheels. They were very fragile and could break easily.

In order to protect their chronometers from damage, it was best to keep them on the wearer’s less dominant hand. Since the majority of people are right handed, this meant that in most cases, watches were held in the left hand.

So this is the historical reason why watches have come to be worn on the left wrist.

The practical reason

Whilst most men wear their watch on the left wrist, not all do. Sometimes you’ll see a man wearing a watch on their right wrist.

The logic here is that a majority of people in the world are right handed. So when wristwatches became increasingly popular, users found it more convenient to wear their watches on the left wrist.

There is a simple explanation behind this. You use your dominant hand more often. While working you can more easily keep a check on the watch to your left.

Also, wearing it on your non-dominant hand makes it less susceptible to damaging, breaking, or injuring yourself.

What wrist do men’s watches go on – a conclusion

So as you can see, mens watches should be worn on the left wrist. There are a couple of very good reasons for this which are both practical and historical. The history of how this came about is both fascinating and intriguing! We hope that you have found this information interesting and that it gives you some useful information to recite to others when you are out and about, and the conversation gets onto watches. You can impress others with this interesting trivia and general knowledge.

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